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Mobile Antivirus

Mobile Antivirus for Windows Mobile

Smartphones and PocketPCs are widely used for communication, entertainment and services. As these tiny computers become more standardized and packed with more sophisticated features, they are increasingly at risk of attacks and exploits.

ESET Mobile Antivirus delivers proactive and comprehensive protection from viruses, spyware, adware, trojans, worms, rootkits, and other unwanted software. It will keep your smartphones and Pocket PCs safe — even between signature updates. Its fast engine keeps your inbox uncluttered by filtering SMS spam from unknown and unwanted senders.

ESET Mobile Antivirus has low CPU, memory requirements and compact updates which minimise data bandwidth usage. It will protect email attachments and other files being transferred or accessed without impacting performance.

ESET Mobile Antivirus provides:

  • Proactive Protection: Detect and clean known and unknown mobile malware
  • Light Footprint: About 400 KB installed and 1 MB of RAM used when scanning
  • Fast Scanning Speeds: Streamlined technology detects more files and scans them at lightning speed
  • SMS Anti-Spam: Filter unwanted text messages to the spam folder with simple rules

ESET Products

NOD 32 Business Edition:

  • Smart Malware Detection
  • Light System Footprint
  • Removable Media Protection
  • Remote Administration

NOD 32 Home Edition:

  • Smarter Scanner
  • Clean and Safe Email
  • Finds Malware other AntiVirus companies miss

Smart Security Business:

  • Combined Firewall and Antivirus
  • Enhanced Portable Computer Support
  • Remote Administration  

Smart Security Home:

  • Supports direct push
  • Supports scheduled push intervals configurable by end user  

Mobile Security:

  • Keep smartphones and Pocket PCs safe
  • On-Demand Scanning
  • SMS Spam Filter
  • Intuitive User Interface

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